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The Writers’ Mill Journal is now available in print and kindle versions. Tell all your friends. Proceeds from online sales to directly to the library so… support your local authors AND support your local library! Books make great Christmas gifts!

The Writers' Mill Journal
The Writers’ Mill Journal

Writers’ Mill Minutes 201710 Book Marketing with Walt

Writers Mill Minutes October 15th

On October 15th 2017 the Writers’ Mill celebrated its 10th birthday! There was cake! Two delicious gluten-free chocolate cakes, with candles – Thank you Jean! And there was a great speaker, Walt Socha sharing his expertise in creating, publishing and marketing books. Around 25 members were there to enjoy the experience. For the rest of you, Walt’s notes can be found in two downloadable files at – a private page that you won’t find just by going to his website. Continue reading Writers’ Mill Minutes 201710 Book Marketing with Walt

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Visit (password protected) for details of our current Writers’ Mill Journal. Orders for print copies must be received and paid for by the end of October’s meeting (October 15th). The expected cost per copy will be $3.25, assuming we get enough orders (we share the cost of postage between us, which keeps costs down). If you will not be present at October’s meeting, please email admin at portlandwritersmill dot org to arrange how many copies you want and how to pay. Thank you!

Oh, and please note, I finally got rid of those hyphenated words on the cover. Hurray! Now to make sure they don’t come creeping back…

What happens when you try to tell that story, with Zita Podany

What Happens when you have a Story to Tell, with Zita Podany

First step:

Zita had a story to tell. But life, as it does, kept getting in the way. Then she read the back of an Arcadia book where it said “Write for Arcadia.” She looked on the website and decided to contact them with her ideas.

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Writers’ Mill Minutes 201708

Writers’ Mill Minutes  August 20th 2017

Despite the approaching eclipse, August’s Writers’ Mill meeting was well attended with 16 people present to learn about research, photographs, permissions and publishing specs from Zita Podany, author of VanPort in the Images of America series. Notes from Zita’s talk can be below. And our thanks to Zita and the library staff for the excellent use of technology. (One day I’ll have to learn how it’s all done!)

Walt, who will be speaking and using technology in October and December, handed around a “reading assignment” for us all. In case you weren’t there, Walt very highly recommends “To Sell is Human” by Daniel H. Pink; also “How to Publish your Book” by Jane Friedman. We should all try to read Pink’s book, or at least to look at it, before October’s meeting (which gives us lots of time).

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Journal – Check for your entries here!

Entries have been received from 16 members.
Please check below to make sure your entry has been received.

Email sheilad at portlandwritersmill dot org, or journal2017 at portlandwritersmill dot org, or both(!) if something is missing or wrong.

We will start choosing entries and formatting the journal over the next few days. If you volunteered to provide more images, we will do our best to make our requests in a timely manner. Thank you everyone!

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