The Writers’ Mill is on Facebook. Are you?

We are on Facebook!

Find us at:

You will have to join facebook to see the page, so here are some simple instructions for a nearly painless and private facebook experience:

  1. Yes, just click on that link that says “join facebook,” or go to
  2. Type in your email address and create a memorable password.
  3. You will probably be asked for additional information, such as name, male or female, birthdate, etc. Sorry folks, but you do have to give a birthdate – in theory so they can make sure you don’t see stuff you shouldn’t see; in practice because they’re collecting statistics about you, just like everyone else is.
  4. Follow the instructions, fill in the required information, and keep clicking next until…
  5. You suddenly find yourself face to face with everyone you ever knew, from elementary school onward. How does facebook know the person who lives across the street might be one of your friends? Don’t ask. The internet knows everything. BUT
  7. ABSOLUTELY, DO NOT ADD ANY FRIENDS, even if facebook presents you with your long-lost son. The time to do this is LATER! When you’re ready, NOT when facebook “suggests.”
  8. So you keep clicking next. No you don’t want facebook to look through your email contacts and invite friends. No you don’t want… just no to everything – JUST SAY NO! Well, and click next, until…
  9. There you are, with a singularly boring facebook page. It has your name on it. Hurray! It has space for your photo (no rush, no need), and a rather blank black banner across the top. Ignore all this. It also has a “post” with your birthday on it, so…
    1. Click on Home (toward the right hand end of the blue band at the top of the page)
    2. Click on Your posts (3rd item from the top on the left of the page)
    3. Move your mouse to the top right hand corner of that box with your birthdate in it, click on the pencil, and click delete.
  10. You’re nearly done – just one more step to get your birthdate thoroughly hidden away once for all. So…
    1. Click on your name (next to Home in that blue band at the top of the page again)
    2. At the bottom of the big black rectangle you’ll see the words Timeline, About, Friends, etc…
    3. Click on About
    4. A white box appears with bits of random information about you, including your birthdate. Move your mouse just under the birthdate and the blue letters “edit your contact and basic info” appear. Click on them.
    5. If you hover your mouse over any piece of information, a pencil appears at the right hand side of the box, allowing you to edit it. Click to edit your birthdate.
    6. At the end of the line with the date on it, you’ll see a small symbol with an arrow next to it. Hover your mouse over the symbol and it will say something like “everyone.” Click on the arrow and change it to “only me.”
    7. Do the same thing at the end of the line with the year.
    8. CLICK SAVE CHANGES (or nothing will change).

And now you have a clean, quiet, friendless, informationless facebook account.

At this point, assuming you’re a member of the Writers’ Mill, click on this link:

It will take you straight to the writers’ mill group. Click on the word “Join” and your faithful Facebook administrator will add you to the group shortly.


What else do you need to know?

  1. You can’t write anything on facebook until you “verify” your account. You’ll get an email soon. Click on the link and you’re verified.
  2. If a “chat box” appears and hides half your screen, click somewhere in the top bar of the box to make it disappear.
  3. If you want to make sure verifying your account didn’t make your birthday visible again:
    1. Go to your page again (click on your name, top right)
    2. Click on the three dots at the bottom left of the big black rectangle.
    3. Click on “view as” and you’ll see how your page looks to strangers. If you click on About you’ll be able to confirm no secrets are being shared. (If they are, you probably forgot to click SAVE CHANGES above, so just repeat those steps and you’ll be fine.)
    4. There will be a black line at the top of your page with the words, “view as specific person.” Click there and type the name of another facebook person – perhaps the first person you decide to be friends with – to see what they can see when they look at your page.
    5. If you’re happy, you can now accept some of those myriad friend suggestions and invitations BUT
    7. Nobody can see if you’ve accepted an invitation or not. Nobody will make you be social, and…
    8. …if you change your mind about being friends, just go to your friend’s page and “unfriend.” They’ll never know!

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