Interesting links for February/March

Thinking of self-publishing. Giving away your email address (oh, how everyone loves to collect ouraddresses) will get you a free book on how 8 people succeeded – you’ll be intrigued by who they are:

How to make your dialog real – you have to give them your email address, but their emails can be useful:

How to make your fiction writing real – and how it’s changed in 150 years:

How to market – and if you haven’g got anything to market yet, how to get ready to market: Don’t forget to look for earlier posts on the website too.

Have you looked at the contests, information and opportunities at the Attic Institute’s site?

Don’t forget to email Helen Butler at for your chance to be featured at the Beaverton Author Fair. They’re looking for people who haven’t been there before… so not me!

Don’t forget to let me know if you’d like your writing featured in the Beaverton Resource Guide.

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