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Writers’ Mill Minutes 201707

Writers’ Mill Minutes, 16th July 2017

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  2. Send journal entries to before the end of the month! Read on to learn more details
  3. Send 100th contest suggestions to before the 1st of August!
  4. Send What If…? Contest entries to before the end of August 6th. Read on to learn more details.

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Interesting Links for March/April

You’ve guessed it. Walt is the source for many (but not all) of these links. Follow. Read. Learn. Enjoy! (Oh, and join Facebook, where you’ll find much more on our private Writers Mill page,, with thanks to Catherin!)

Get writing!

Be both inspired and inspiring. There are some really cool ideas in this:

A nicely imaginative post suggests how to deal with those obstacles keeping you from writing:

If the book feels too big to tackle and you’re not sure where to start:

Follow the rules to become an author?

Describe your book!

From back-cover copy to elevator pitch, how would you describe your book?

Print your book!

Fonts are scary stuff. You may not be hugely wiser after reading this, but you’ll be better informed:

Meanwhile, here’s an interesting e-conversation about fonts:

Practice better writing!

What shape is your story? This video’s well worth watching (only 4 minutes)

Want to outline your book?

A checklist to help your story:

Use Point of view to create good writing

Create that summary:

Tell the world about your writing!

A letter to librarians – if you’re trying to get speaking engagements, or get books into libraries, this one might help:

How to pitch, which also helps with how to query:

Lots of book marketing comments from real authors:

Use the Internet!

Is there a way to effectively use blogs, facebook, twitter etc?

A cool way to look at platforms, with lots of practical advice:

Some great stuff about what to put on your author website:

And on the “about me” page of the site (or blog):

Go to conferences!

August 12-14 Willamette Writers conference:

November 5 Wordstock:

Send that query letter!

Master’s review – deadline March 31st – reading fee $20

Women only (sorry, men), WoW is inviting queries for short sweet non-fiction posts before April 10


Don’t Miss These Opportunities!

Michael Wong at the Beaverton Resource guide is looking for authors to feature in the newspaper. If you are interested, contact Sheila for more information.

AND  !!!    DRUM ROLL PLEASE   !!!

The Beaverton City Library will host a free local authors’ book fair on Saturday, May 21 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 12375 SW Fifth Street. The library is seeking writers from Washington, Multnomah, and Clackamas counties to apply for a space to share and promote their latest work. All genres are welcome, including adult, young adult, and children’s literature.

Selected authors will receive table space to discuss and sell their books. There is no cost to participate and authors will keep 100 percent of proceeds from sales. In exchange, the library requests that each participating author donate two books, one of which will be raffled off to attendees and the other of which will be considered for inclusion in the library’s collection. Donated books not added to the collection will be sold by the New Friends of the Beaverton Library to support library programs and services.

Up to six authors will be invited to speak or read from their work at the event. Participants will be chosen by random drawing.

Applications are due on Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

For more information or to request an application, contact Helen Butler at

Did you miss the reading?

IMG_0546The Writers’ Mill reading went really well on Sunday. We had about 35 people there altogether, and we successfully negotiated microphone, cables and chairs to entertain them. The staff at Cedar Mill Library were fantastic and had the room all set up ready before we arrived. They even had water available for the speakers (this speaker really really appreciated that!), plus hot drinks on the table in the entry. We just added chocolate (and this speaker really really appreciated chocolate too!).IMG_0519

Of course, we also added anecdotes, snippets, chapters, essays, questions, information about our group, and even some jokes. It all worked really well.IMG_0533

Matthew probably got the most laughs, with his humorous and informative rendition of story and research. IMG_0540Minnie offered a delightfully unique take on Jennifer’s cat story.


Fred listened intently.

IMG_0537Joe asked great questions. IMG_0539

And the door prize was surely won by the very best man!


Many thanks for our unofficial IMG_0538photographer, Jean Harkin, and I hope you enjoy this small selection from her great pictures.


If you weren’t there on Sunday, you missed a really fun event, but I hope this blogpost allows you to share in the flavor. What do you think? Should we do it again? Powells anyone?IMG_0544