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Buy These Anthologies!

Carl and June: Tales of Two, and The Writers’ Mill Journal are now available in print and kindle versions. Tell all your friends. Proceeds from online sales to directly to the library so… support your local authors AND support your local library! Books make great Christmas gifts!

The Writers' Mill Journal
Carl and June


The Writers' Mill Journal
The Writers’ Mill Journal

Writers’ Mill Minutes 201710 Book Marketing with Walt

Writers Mill Minutes October 15th

On October 15th 2017 the Writers’ Mill celebrated its 10th birthday! There was cake! Two delicious gluten-free chocolate cakes, with candles – Thank you Jean! And there was a great speaker, Walt Socha sharing his expertise in creating, publishing and marketing books. Around 25 members were there to enjoy the experience. For the rest of you, Walt’s notes can be found in two downloadable files at – a private page that you won’t find just by going to his website. Continue reading Writers’ Mill Minutes 201710 Book Marketing with Walt

Order your copies of the Writers’ Mill Journal

Visit (password protected) for details of our current Writers’ Mill Journal. Orders for print copies must be received and paid for by the end of October’s meeting (October 15th). The expected cost per copy will be $3.25, assuming we get enough orders (we share the cost of postage between us, which keeps costs down). If you will not be present at October’s meeting, please email admin at portlandwritersmill dot org to arrange how many copies you want and how to pay. Thank you!

Oh, and please note, I finally got rid of those hyphenated words on the cover. Hurray! Now to make sure they don’t come creeping back…

Journal – Check for your entries here!

Entries have been received from 16 members.
Please check below to make sure your entry has been received.

Email sheilad at portlandwritersmill dot org, or journal2017 at portlandwritersmill dot org, or both(!) if something is missing or wrong.

We will start choosing entries and formatting the journal over the next few days. If you volunteered to provide more images, we will do our best to make our requests in a timely manner. Thank you everyone!

Continue reading Journal – Check for your entries here!

Writers’ Mill Minutes 201706

Writers’ Mill Minutes June 18th Fathers’ Day 2017

Around 20 members attended Sarah Hall’s Fathers’ Day presentation of the DIY book launch and learned not only how to create a good book “product,” but also how to reach an audience, prepare that audience to receive and read the book, and how to use technology! Notes from Sarah’s talk will be included below.

Continue reading Writers’ Mill Minutes 201706

Writers’ Mill Journal 2017

Timeline for our 2017 edition

  1. Deadline for submissions: last day in July
  2. Deadline for edits: last day in August
  3. Deadline for formatting: last day in September. Then eproofs will be posted to website.
  4. Deadline for orders: October’s meeting—October 15th. All orders must be paid by then.
  5. Delivery at our November meeting, Nov 19th, or make alternative arrangements.

If you’ve entered or will enter a Writers’ Mill contest between last August and this July, you already have a piece of writing ready for submission to the journal. If you’ve not, please consider this your chance and inspiration to WRITE. Don’t forget, we love to include pictures as well so start looking through your phone/camera/computer (same submission instructions – let us know the name of the image and artist, and which section you hope to find it in. Createspace recommends 300DPI for images, but it’s not something we’ve worried about in the past).

Topics (based on contests) for our 2017 edition

Submission Guidelines

  • These are guidelines. We will try to produce a balanced journal, representing the writers of as many members as possible. Limits are guidelines, not hard and fast rules.
  • Guidlines for written entries (currently no limits on art):
    • No more than 10 entries per person
    • No more than (approximately) 20 pages per person (it was pointed out that my old computer was the only one producing 1,000 words per page)
    • No more than (approximately) 10,000 words per person
  • Entries should be sent to journal2017 at portlandwritersmill dot org. Each entry MUST INCLUDE
    • Author or artist name
    • Entry title
    • Preferred section for your entry
  • All documents MUST BE READABLE in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, NOT .pdf for example)
  • Editors will perform simple copy-editing for format and style. Our aim is to produce a journal of the highest possible quality, in a timely manner, including entries from as many members as possible. Editors reserve the right to
    • reject entries if we have too many
    • beg for more entries if we have too few, and
    • reject entries that would require too much work on their part.

Please consider whether you would be willing to volunteer as an editor. Thank you.

Let’s make this journal another book to be proud of!

Leave your comments and suggestions below!

The Writers’ Mill Journals Are Here And On Kindle!


After an amazingly fast response from Createspace, the Writers’ Mill Journals are here, ready for distribution at our meeting on November 20th. For those with an interest in kindle versions of the journal, it has now been released. Find it at

No copies for Nook  or iPad though, as the library doesn’t have a Smashwords account (the easiest way to add things to all platforms).

The kindle price is $1.99 because they wouldn’t let me set it any lower. Very strange… Anyway, we hope you’ll enjoy it.

The Writers' Mill Journal on Amazon
The Writers’ Mill Journal on Amazon

And the Amazon price is $7.95