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February contest deadlines:

Plus lots more deadlines in this free download. If you’re writing short pieces, you really should get this:

All about ISBNs

How to write a picture book. This is wonderful – just read it, even if you don’t want to write one:

Prose poetry? Poetic prose? Find out more

You’ve written the book. Why is no one reading it? or for some serious thought-provoking suggestions

Want to avoid some blogging mistakes?

become a successful blogger

or are you still wondering why you’d want to blog?

Interested in copy editing? Be sure to read down the page for useful advice – it’s not just an ad for the course.

Is your manuscript too long… too wordy…?

Are there any song lyrics in your manuscript?

Using all your senses:

Self-pub, e-pub and more

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Need more writing groups?

What about the cover, the title, the design?

ISBN information

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Journal News 2015 – Step 14 – Publish on Kindle

At the end of the Createspace process, we’re offered the chance to publish our book to kindle. Createspace sends the cover file, suitably formatted, but recommends we use a doc file rather than our nice pdf. This makes sense. pdf files are formatted. Ebooks aren’t. Continue reading Journal News 2015 – Step 14 – Publish on Kindle

How to Create an EBook, from Sheila’s talk in August 2014



  1. Ignore pictures at the start and combine all your writing into one document, if it’s not already stored in one doc. Problems might include
    1. Different fonts used in different docs, particularly if you’re making an anthology of work you’ve done over the years.
    2. And different formats too –
      1. Line spacing – Do you double-space everything? With digital formats it’s easier to have fractional line-spaces. I like 1.15
      2. Paragraph spacing – Do you separate paragraphs with blank lines? With digital formats, the paragraph spacing doesn’t need to be a whole line. Half a line is more visually appealing.
      3. Sentence spacing – Do you use double spaces at the end of sentences? This was necessary in typewriter days to provide white space and a visual clue to the reader. In the digital age, an appropriate space is created for you.
      4. Paragraph indentation – Do you use a tab at the beginning of each paragraph? Tabs drive ebook conversion crazy, but digital formatting can set an automatic space at the start of each paragraph.

Continue reading How to Create an EBook, from Sheila’s talk in August 2014