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Minutes 201605

Writers Mill Minutes May 15th 2016

21 members attended May’s meeting and listened to an excellent discussion on all things writing, led by poet, short story writer and novelist Jim Stewart. Jim has generously agreed to a return engagement to lead a poetry workshop for us soon. We really appreciated meeting with him, and notes from his talk will be included in a separate post.  Continue reading Minutes 201605

Submissions Closed – Watch this Space!


The Writers’ Mill Journal, Volume 5, will be released in time for our November meeting.

Writers’ Mill Members will have emailed their (edited) submissions  BEFORE THE END OF JULY to

Please send any questions to this address!

Stories, poems, essays, pictures, photos, snippets, etc… to be included in one of the following journal sections – please interpret the section heading as loosely as you wish!

  • Murder, Mystery and Mayhem (based on November)
  • White (based on December: anything related to white – clothing, weather, peace, Christmas…)
  • January’s contest was “A Year” – we’re pretty sure you can find another section in this list for your timely tale.
  • Misunderstood (based on the February, It’s not what you think contest)
  • Windows (based on March)
  • Irresistible temptation (April)
  • Switching places (May’s contest was just people, now includes places)
  • Home and away (June’s contest was home, now includes travel, time, and any other homes and aways that inspire you)
  • Just for kids – Enter your kid-safe pieces to this section
  • Just for inspiration  – Enter your inspirational pieces here if you’d prefer this to another section. But remember, entries for Joe’s Inspirational Journal should also be sent to Joe.

Please include the following information in your email:

  • Title of your piece (story, photo, poem, essay, snippet, whatever…)
  • Section to which it is being submitted
  • Author name (this is not always clear from your email address!)

Illustrations should include the same information. If you have illustrations to go with your piece, please send them as separate files with the piece (not as part of the word document). Make life easy for us, then we’ll do a better job for you!

Word count limits? Ugh! We’d rather not impose any, but if you keep your total word-count to below 10,000 words, we might avoid ruinous print costs when we put it all together. If we end up with something that takes too many pages, we’ll look forward to your helpful cooperation in fixing it!

Happy Writing!

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Minutes 201510

Writers’ Mill Minutes, October 18, 2015

Cedar Mill Library, Beaverton


Twenty-six people attended the meeting, including about seven newcomers. Among them was Donna Reynolds, who will speak to us next month about editing. Ron Davis led the meeting while Sheila Deeth was cruising in the Caribbean, having just celebrated her birthday among the alligators in the Everglades. Jean Harkin took Minutes, and Amelia De Mello provided snacks. Continue reading Minutes 201510

Me Print Pretty One Day – taken from Sheila’s talk 09/20/2015

Me Print Pretty One Day

Do you want to submit something to an agent or publisher? Do you want to self-publish your instructions on how to deal with difficult people? Or do you want to create a small booklet for your grandson as a Christmas gift? Chances are, even if none of these is you, you do want your writing to be read, by someone, sometime. If so, you want it to print prettily enough that they read the words instead of just looking at the paper. You want to “print pretty.” I’m no expert, but here are some ideas that just might help.

Continue reading Me Print Pretty One Day – taken from Sheila’s talk 09/20/2015