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Social Media Workshop at Cedar Mill Library AND Blogging at the Old Church

Want to blog (an important part of Social Media). There’s a social media workshop at the library, Thursdays 1-2:30 : ttp://
 AND there’s a blogging for writers event at the Old Church, Tues May3 7pm:
How can you resist?
 Scroll down for more details of both events

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Topics for 2016

In December’s meeting we discussed what topics we might like to hear more about. These included (in approximate order of popularity – PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT if something’s missing, or if you feel something important hasn’t been emphasized enough).

  1. Writing
    1. Creating believable characters/character development
    2. Story arc/story development
    3. Point of view, including distant and close
    4. Turning fact into fiction
    5. Grammar
    6. Historical research and authenticity
    7. Thinking outside the box
  2. Marketing
    1. Book promotion
    2. Blogging
    3. Websites (including WordPress , ipages)
    4. How to get into non-traditional locations – e.g. Starbucks
    5. Networking
  3. Getting published
    1. How to get short stories published
    2. Finding a publisher
    3. How to get poetry published
    4. Genres and book length
    5. Query letters
    6. Self-publishing and Ebook publishing
  4. Editing
    1. How to read like a writer
    2. Editing fiction
    3. Editing poetry
  5. Commitment
    1. Becoming a productive writer – a chapter a week perhaps
    2. How do you finish and how do you know you’ve finished
    3. Difference between novel, novella, short story and other forms.

The Writers’ Mill Sells Books

Last Friday and Saturday, 4th and 5th December, Amelia, Beki, Karin and Sheila manned our table at the Oak Hills Holiday Bazaar, where we sold Writers’ Mill Journals and other books written by or contributed to by members of the Writers’ Mill. Thank you to all who helped make the event a success, especially those who stopped by our table to encourage us (and even to buy books!).


On Sunday, December 6th, Sheila was one of the authors at the Oregon Historical Society Holiday Cheer event.


If you want to be an author there next year, you need to publish a book sometime during 2016. Join us; it’s great fun (and there are Dickensian singers too!) It’s always on the first Sunday of December, and I can give you the contact information.


And for all of us, whenever or however published, don’t forget the Beaverton Library Author Fair. It took place in April last year, so watch out for more information (and please let me know when you hear anything).

The Writers’ Mill Honors Freedom and France


So much history,
Fighting in wars past,
Your people are
France and Freedom.

Mary Jane E

Friday night frivolity turned fatal in France.
Parisians now join the global community of those under seige by unseen enemies.
That community grows.

Jennifer H

I remember they said, “We are all Americans” and everyone cried.
I remember French Fries became Freedom Fries and freedom cried.
They died and we should cry.

Sheila D

Please send SheilaD your sentences (1, 2, or 3, edited or unedited) or add them in comments below.

Writers’ Mill Journal Volume 4

We’ve done it! The journal is now available from Amazon at $9.95

The Writers’ Mill Journal Volume 4 2015

or from Amazon Kindle at $1.99 (where you can even “look inside”)

Give the library a boost – buy copies direct from Createspace and more money goes to the library (but you have to pay postage):

Find Volume 3 at

and Volume 2 at

Don’t miss October’s meeting where you’ll have a chance to order copies at cost (plus postage).


Reading from the Writers’ Mill Journal

Don’t miss this! Invite your family, friends, neighbors, and strangers off the street! Writers’ Mill authors will read excerpts from the Writers’ Mill Journal Volume 3, on Sunday May 3rd, from 1 – 3 pm, at Cedar Mill Library, in the meeting room upstairs. Come and join us! Then borrow a copy from the library, or buy your own. Profits go to the library, so support your local library and your local authors, both at once!WMJrnl

Are you interested in mid-month meetings?

If you are one of the members who would like more frequent meetings than our regular, third Sunday of the month meetings at the library, this is your chance to suggest when and where you would like such meetings to take place. Please keep your suggestions short and simple, as they will appear as options for other people to vote on after you make them. And don’t forget, you can come back later and add more suggestions or vote on suggestions that other people have added.