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Writers’ Mill Minutes 201707

Writers’ Mill Minutes, 16th July 2017

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Genres, genres and more

Here are some old links about writing genres:

Written any articles recently?

How long is a book?

Writing short pieces:


For poets:

Creating Poetry: How to Self-Prompt Poems
Re-Creating Poetry: How to Revise Poems
Asian Poetic Forms
Contemporary Poetic Forms
French Poetic Forms
More Contemporary Poetic Forms
Build an Audience for Your Poetry

For novelists:

For children’s book authors:

Research for non-fiction writers:

What other writers do 

Minutes 201601

Twenty four people attended on January 17th to hear local author Marcia Coffey Turnquist tell us about writing, publishing, marketing, and everything in-between. Marcia’s first novel, the God of Sno Cone Blue is available at Barnes and Noble (store and online) or on Amazon. Continue reading Minutes 201601

Writing action scenes, from Sheila Deeth

Writing Action Scenes

Sheila’s September 2013 talk and writing exercise were taken from a chapter in Writing Fantasy Heroes, edited by Jason M. Waltz



Writers’ Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy (Seventh Star Press) may well be the better book, but a particular chapter in Writing Fantasy Heroes caught my eye. The chapter’s called Writing Cinematic Fight Scenes, by Brandon Sanderson, but the lessons apply to any action scene, and we all write action scenes sometimes, or else nothing happens.

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