We run regular monthly writing contests, with the winner of each contest invited to chose the theme for a future contest and HOST that contest (select and present awards).

Feedback in the form of voting and comments is encouraged by ALL members, not just the participants. This is a WRITING CONTEST for the members of a WRITING COMMUNITY — Please support your fellow writers by reading their entries. Thank you.

The current month’s contest can be found under “Current Contest.” The page is password protected. All entries will be password protected. Voting is only open to members who have the password.

Old contests can be found under their respective month and year.


Nearly ALL contests are open to poems, essays and stories. Some contests will entail submitting a SCENE not a full story. The word count will vary every month depending on the type of contest designed by the current contest host.

Except where otherwise noted, the word count maximum is not negotiable. Please do not send me an entry with more words than the contest allows. If this were a more public contest, any violation of contest rules would be rejected — consider what happens here as practice for the real world.

Thank you — and HAPPY WRITING!

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