May 2014

Mother May I (May 2014)

Contest #58This month’s contest is hosted by Catherin.

THEME: Mother May I
In 2000 words or less, write the first, last or only time you had to ask permission for anything¬† — from anyone

IMPORTANT — the theme reflects the “concept” — the person to whom the permission request is directed need not be your mother — could be anyone.

Personally, I imagined the game played as a kid (called by the same name as our theme) — to me the game relates to being repressed and the required permission request — the power given over to someone else to deny or allow movement, change, action.

HOWEVER — Catherin emphasized to me that she doesn’t want to restrict how you might interpret her very open theme — so meditate on it and pull out all the stops, have fun and send me your stories and poems.

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