And so it begins… Journal News 2015 – Step 1

The deadline for journal submissions was midnight last night. Ron spent vast amounts of time yesterday and today, ensuring all submissions were uploaded to our Dropbox. I spend all morning adding those submissions sent only to me, and mix-and-matching the sections. So now it’s time to start creating

The Writers’ Mill Journal

Volume 4



For anyone who’s interested, here’s step 1.

  1. Open a new Word document to keep track of all the entries.
  2. Insert a table with five columns, headed
    1. Author/Artist
    2. Title
    3. Genre (poem, story, essay, picture)
    4. Section (1st choice)
    5. Section (alternate)
  3. Read the entries from the Dropbox – conveniently organized by Ron with one folder per author/artist – and fill in the table.
  4. Reorder the table by section, and realize that one section is nearly empty, one is overflowing, and one contains entries which really don’t belong there.
  5. Try out some alternate section titles and reorder again until it looks good.
  6. Send out a newsletter asking all the authors and artists to confirm that their entries are included (’cause we might have lost some) and are included in the right sections (’cause I might have guessed wrong, or read wrong, or… whatever).
  7. Please read your newsletter and reply. Meanwhile I’ll move on to Step 2.

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