The Cedar Mill Writers’ Mill started in in October 2007 under the leadership of Becky Lovejoy. It has grown, under several different leaders, to a group of around 40 local writers of fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry, screenplays and even songs. Some of us have been published, some dream of being published, and some write just for fun.

We have published three journals now and are hope to make them an annual event. All members are invited to contribute something–picture, poem, essay, story, drabble, chapter from a novel, etc…

Writers' Mill Journal Volume 3
Writers’ Mill Journal Volume 3
The Writers' Mill Journal, Volume 2, Winter 2012
The Writers’ Mill Journal, Volume 2, Winter 2012

We hold regular meetings the third Sunday of every month in the upstairs conference room of the Cedar Mill Library, with attendance varying between 15 and 25 members. And we enjoy supporting each other in our various writing dreams.

Meetings might include:

  • A talk from a local author, publisher, agent, or member of the group
  • Competition results and prizes–we run monthly competitions on the site, in aid of fun and feedback
  • Critiques–we try to critique something together every month, an exercise that benefits all as we learn so much from each other
  • Writing exercises–or plotting, or finding your passion and purpose, or…
  • And snacks! All the best meetings include snacks!

So, if you live locally, write or want to write, and think you might benefit from meeting with other potential writers, please check us out. No experience necessary. No huge time commitments. Regular attendance recommended but definitely not required… We’d love to meet you!

For a report on a meeting, complete with pictures, go to: https://kickstartyourwriting.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/panel-discussion-on-how-to-self-publish-an-anthology/

Or you can find news of our group and journal at

For more information, ask at the Cedar Mill library!

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    1. I’m guessing you’d like a book page, Jack. Anyone else? We could easily post all our books (and magazines, online and otherwise), with appropriate buy/read links, on a separate page–just let me know what you think.

    1. Showing up at the meeting is perfect — you get to meet members and “taste” the flavor of our gatherings — Meetings are on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 1PM – 3PM — meeting this next Sunday, Dec. 21st

      1. … and if you can’t make this Sunday, just come any third Sunday and try us out. If you’d like to email me beforehand I can let you know what to expect – speaker, topic, critique, etc… We’ll look forward to seeing you.

  1. These writers are amazing! Not only how they write but how they support one another. Nothing but positive feed back on your stories. They’re kind and they’re encouraging. They are an amazing group of people.

  2. I attended one meeting. Does that make me a member or do I need to sign up in some way? I am getting the email news about the contest and about upcoming events. Let me know if that constitutes membership.

    1. one meeting is sufficient, Glennis — and I think you’re on our email list now too — Welcome! Hope to see you at the November meeting on the 19th

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