Please volunteer to bring snacks, to be critiqued, to lead a critique, etc. Also, we’re always searching for new speakers and good topics, so please leave your suggestions in the comments.

Watch this table for additions as new speakers are arranged, new contests announced, and more.


2017 Speaker Topic Contest Critique Critique Leader Snacks Other
May 21  Jim Elstad Publishing choices Karen – unspoken bonds  Ria  Sheila  Karin  
Jun 18 Father’s Day  Sarah Hall  The DIY book launch Sheila – Water water everywhere  Jim  Sheila  Karen A-B
Jul 16 Tim Applegate Genre fiction, angles & voices Jean – for Art’s Sake Matthew  LaVonna  Jayne
Aug 20  Zita Podony (images of America – VanPort  writing for historical series Karin – What if?  Ria  Jim  Ria
Sep 17  Beth Jusino  Self-publishing nuts & bolts Matthew – Unattainable NO CRITIQUE NO CRITIQUE  Carolyn
Oct 15  Walt Socha  websites blogs and marketing Karen – Hidden deep inside NO CRITIQUE  NO CRITIQUE  BIRTHDAY CAKE


 10 Years of Writers’ Mill!
Nov 19  Carolyn Martin  more on poetry Richard – out on a limb  NO CRITIQUE  NO CRITIQUE  Robin  writing exercise
Dec17  Walt Socha Scrivener and Vellum and organized writes HUNGER – 100th contest!  NO CRITIQUE NO CRITIQUE  Walt  BOOK EXCHANGE
Jan 21  Sheila  REVIEW OF THE YEAR Sheila – Why are you here  Carolyn  Jim Karin
Feb18  Zita  web design Carolyn – What the heart wants  Matthew  Norm  Carolyn
Mar 18 Teri Brown  novelist, teacher, and editor Carolyn-Lost
Apr 15  Joyce Creswell how to self-publish and sell Matthew-A story set prior to Year 1900
May 20 Winner Jan  Carolyn


3 thoughts on “SCHEDULE”

  1. Looks interesting. Nice to see such brave souls writing! I have published a lot, and am taking a break from the angst ridden work of writing. Now that I retired from law teaching and research I am glad to help other professional writers. Is this a group for me? I live in Salem. How far is the drive to the meeting place?

    1. We’re on the West side of Portland, probably around an hour from Salem, not too far from 217. We’d love to meet you.

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