The Writers’ Mill Sells Books

Last Friday and Saturday, 4th and 5th December, Amelia, Beki, Karin and Sheila manned our table at the Oak Hills Holiday Bazaar, where we sold Writers’ Mill Journals and other books written by or contributed to by members of the Writers’ Mill. Thank you to all who helped make the event a success, especially those who stopped by our table to encourage us (and even to buy books!).


On Sunday, December 6th, Sheila was one of the authors at the Oregon Historical Society Holiday Cheer event.


If you want to be an author there next year, you need to publish a book sometime during 2016. Join us; it’s great fun (and there are Dickensian singers too!) It’s always on the first Sunday of December, and I can give you the contact information.


And for all of us, whenever or however published, don’t forget the Beaverton Library Author Fair. It took place in April last year, so watch out for more information (and please let me know when you hear anything).

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