Topics for 2016

In December’s meeting we discussed what topics we might like to hear more about. These included (in approximate order of popularity – PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT if something’s missing, or if you feel something important hasn’t been emphasized enough).

  1. Writing
    1. Creating believable characters/character development
    2. Story arc/story development
    3. Point of view, including distant and close
    4. Turning fact into fiction
    5. Grammar
    6. Historical research and authenticity
    7. Thinking outside the box
  2. Marketing
    1. Book promotion
    2. Blogging
    3. Websites (including WordPress , ipages)
    4. How to get into non-traditional locations – e.g. Starbucks
    5. Networking
  3. Getting published
    1. How to get short stories published
    2. Finding a publisher
    3. How to get poetry published
    4. Genres and book length
    5. Query letters
    6. Self-publishing and Ebook publishing
  4. Editing
    1. How to read like a writer
    2. Editing fiction
    3. Editing poetry
  5. Commitment
    1. Becoming a productive writer – a chapter a week perhaps
    2. How do you finish and how do you know you’ve finished
    3. Difference between novel, novella, short story and other forms.

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