Plot a Mystery

Plot a mystery

  1. Imagine you want to write a mystery. Who is your main character?
  2. Where is your main character?
  3. Your next nine answers should form a mystery story. At number one, how would you introduce the character and place?
  4. At number nine how would your story end? Does your MC ride off into the sunset, or jetski into space, or…?
  5. At number five, what crisis or mystery would you like your character to solve?
  6. At number seven, how would a second crisis grow from the first one, making it a mystery that really has to be solved?
  7. At three, how might your character end up in a place where he/she/it would encounter the mystery?
  8. At two, why would your character end up there?
  9. At four, give the character a need to care.
  10. At six, show how one crisis turned into another.
  11. And at eight, tell how the crisis was resolved by your character before the ending.

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