Press Release Example, from Nancy Woods

Nancy Woods visited the Writers’ Mill in February with members of the Woodshop Writers. She is an author and writing instructor in Portland, and she gave us the following Press Release Example as part of her talk. If you’re planning any book readings, this will be invaluable. Thank you Nancy!

Nancy Woods, Where Humor Is Queen

Under the Influence of Tall Trees: Humorous Tales From a Pacific Northwest Writer (available at Broadway Books and

Hooked on Antifreeze: True Tales About Loving and Leaving Alaska (available at

Press Release Example

Local Writers to read from anthology, “Why in the Road–Forgive, Forget, Regrets”

What: Literary reading from “Why in the Road–Forgive, Forget, Regrets”

When:  [dates]

Where: [location, e.g., Broadway Books, 1714 N.E. Broadway, Portland, OR 97232; 503-284-1726]

Cost: Free

Media contact: For more information about the Woodshop Writers, send an email to or call Kerry McPherson at 503-528-6645 or Kathy Eaton at 971-533-3768.

The Woodshop Writers a group of nine Oregon writers, will read from their anthology, “Why in the Road–Forgive, Forget, Regrets” at 7 p.m. on [date] at Broadway Books. After the reading, the writers will be available to answer questions. The anthology is a diverse collection of humorous and emotional personal essays, poems and short fiction pieces. Excerpts from this anthology include:

“I forget everything that I want to remember and remember the one thing I want to forget.” — Kerry McPherson

“Robbie’s DEAD,” I shout, then lower my voice, unsure. “H-he died in the hospital. Full of wires and tubes. His arm was infected . . . I never got back to him!” — Dave King

“It’s good that you’re not bringing a blond-haired, blue-eyed child to Santa Fe. You don’t own a truck, do you?” — Kathy Eaton

“Maybe there really is a cat hiding somewhere in here. Maybe there’s a rat or a raccoon, some wild animal.” — Shirley Lewton

“What is it about mom, me and kitchen back doors?” — Mark Robben

“But for now, I am part-girl, part-woman, lost between vivid childhood memories brought to the surface as I drove home and my adult regret at the loss of them.” — Susan MacMillan

“There will be dirty old men and crass people. I’m told we may be forced to drink a beer every mile. I’m scared, but secretly excited.” — Jamie Caulley

“Regrets, yes there are but a few; there are no U turns in this life’s rear view.” — June Selis

“My mother wouldn’t come to me as a scary-ass spider, would she? Hadn’t losing her as a child been scary enough?” — Catherine Magdalena


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